Friday, October 21, 2011


I had the most fun at a concert last night (despite the amount of assholery that goes on in concert crowds). If you ever get a chance to see Robyn (an amazing Swedish pop singer with the soul of a ghetto black girl)—please do. She sang, danced and shook her ass for a good hour and a half and still looked amazing at the end of the show. Not to mention her awesome outfit. We managed to piss off throngs of gay boys and get called names make our way all the way to the front of the crowd for an unobstructed view for most of the night. Pic above from my iPhone.

Some Robyn vids for the uninitiated:

Call Your Girlfriend

Dancing On My Own

Hang With Me

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girl Crush: Hannah Bronfman

A morning jaunt through my google reads revealed WhoWhatWear style stalking this doll. Further investigating (google searching) affirmed she's got much more substance than just her fab style. The girl is an absolute beauty and inspiration! Despite her tender age of 23, Bronfman, in her own words, plans on saving the world. I love seeing a girl I can immediately identify with every now again in blogging and fashion land (it's rare). She's the daughter of Edgar Bronfman (CEO of Warner Music Group) and Sherry Brewer (an African-American actress) and runs an eco-clothing line and record label with brother Ben, a.k.a. M.I.A.'s baby daddy.

An in-depth Women's Wear Daily article from August sheds more light on this artistic, entrepreneurial, eco-conscious beauty.