Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Things

We were collectively saddened by the horrific events that took place last Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut when a gunman entered the school and killed twenty young students and six staff members. There's been much discussion in the days that have followed, including a solemn address from our President, proposed legislation from our Senate, and as of this morning a press conference by the NRA advocating for armed guards in schools.

I don't profess to have the answers as to how this tragedy and many others like it could have been prevented. I am in support of stricter gun laws and I would advocate that more needs to be done to help the mentally ill. It's not one thing or the other; a myriad of issues need to be addressed for all of us to be safer. My heart aches for those parents, friends, and loved ones. I cannot fathom what losing a child, mother or sibling is like. If you're interested in helping the victims, read here.


I was working on the below post last Friday when I heard the news about Sandy Hook. I was still working on 4. and 5. For now I'm going to circle back to 1. and 2. and just say that I'm extra thankful this Christmas for family and friends.

1. I rounded up some fabulous girlfriends (pictured below) for champagne Drinking Lessons at The Sorrento Hotel on Wednesday night. Seating was limited to 12 and it was hard to choose who to invite, but I'm thankful that I even have 11 girlfriends to invite and many more that I would have loved to invite!

We enjoyed ample pours of a Prosecco (I forget which one), Veuve Clicquot, and the Blanc de Blancs and Rosé from Ruinart— the oldest established champagne house. The Blanc de Blancs was my favorite.

2. I'll be home for Christmas (read in a singsong voice). I'm sad I will miss seeing my little sister this Christmas because she left for Navy boot camp on Tuesday, but I'm ecstatic to see the rest of my family and to have some time off from work.

3. I joined a gym about a month ago. I'm happy and thankful that I could afford to do so and to report that I've been consistently going at least three times a week. I've also become a fan of Zumba classes. Have you tried them?