Wednesday, July 18, 2012


will be here and gone before I know it I'm afraid.

It usually starts around the 4th of July and ends about mid-September here in the PNW. Today is only July 18th though so I should probably stop being so dramatic.

This year I thought I'd be headed to Italy soon, but that's on hold for now. Hopefully I can still manage to swing a bit more travel before summer's end. It might have to be spontaneous...

I went Nashville for few days to visit some friends for the 4th. It's a very fun city I must say. I also happen to love country music and Nashville is the country music capital! It was great hearing the live bands in all the honky tonks. We also had an awesome time doing karaoke almost every night; well I did anyway. I think my friends had an awesome time watching me embarrass myself.

My friend Kendra and me on the 4th.
The Parthenon in Nashville.

The best Fried Green Tomato BLT (to die for).

Last year I had a few simple summer goals.This summer I'd like to start running again (like starting today). I basically dropped it after running the 1/2 marathon last June. Laziness I guess. I'd also like to get in at least a couple hikes, see a few outdoor concerts and visit the Olympic National Rainforest. I can't believe I've lived here all this time and have never been!