Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music and Lent

Apparently I've been sleeping on Miguel, a young, sexy R&B singer hailing from Socal. He just won a Grammy for his song "Adorn," but "Use Me," another song off of his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream  has got to be one of the lustiest songs to come about since  Jodeci's "Freek'n You".

I also recently discovered Mikky Ekko (like yesterday, from a blog I read), another young, soulful crooner. He's on Rhianna's new song "Stay" (watch the video) but I cannot stop listening to "Pull Me Down," a sexy lament about wanting something you know you shouldn't, i.e. trouble. I'd describe Ekko as a mix of Allen Stone, Jamie Lidell, Little Dragon and Frank Ocean.

 On Lent. I've been meat-free with ease for a week now. I don't eat
much meat to begin with, and hardly ever cook it, so giving it up completely requires mainly forethought on my part. Seattle is also a remarkably easy city to eat vegetarian in. Alcohol on the other hand...already failed! Since I failed with red wine last weekend I've modified the fast to give up everything but red wine. I mean Jesus did turn water into wine, right?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Things: Valentine's Day Edition

My funny Valentine.

5 Things

1. My little sister graduated from Navy boot camp last week. She wasn't home for the holidays this year and we really missed her. I finally got to Facebook chat with her a little the other day now that she's in Pensacola, FL for "A" school and she seemed so grown up  (we're 8 years apart). I'm proud of you, Nellie!

My sister Chanel

2. I've been ramping up on my other blog and seeing a ton of shows lately. I saw "War Horse" at The Paramount last night and I think it might be the coolest play I've ever seen! I'll be writing a review of it shortly so you can look for it here. I also got to visit the newly opened Museum of Hisotry and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle and Chihuly Garden and Glass due to work events recently. I recommend both!

Looking totally natural on the set of  the 90s TV hit "Frasier" at MOHAI

At Chihuly Garden and Glass with my coworker Sarah

3. I gave up meat and alcohol for Lent, which began yesterday. I don't practice a religion that traditionally observes it, but I like a good challenge. A couple years ago I gave up meat for Greek Orthodox Lent in solidarity with a friend and I didn't miss it; I think giving up alcohol will definitely be harder. Lent lasts for forty days, ending on Easter Sunday. I wanted a glass of wine just typing that.

4. I'm headed down to Cannon Beach, OR with a friend this weekend to see the Pacific Ocean; that was actually the stated reason for going.  Just to see it. I mean, look at it.

 5. I have a Valentine and I am happy about it. A hint about what we're doing tonight: