Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Things: Valentine's Day Edition

My funny Valentine.

5 Things

1. My little sister graduated from Navy boot camp last week. She wasn't home for the holidays this year and we really missed her. I finally got to Facebook chat with her a little the other day now that she's in Pensacola, FL for "A" school and she seemed so grown up  (we're 8 years apart). I'm proud of you, Nellie!

My sister Chanel

2. I've been ramping up on my other blog and seeing a ton of shows lately. I saw "War Horse" at The Paramount last night and I think it might be the coolest play I've ever seen! I'll be writing a review of it shortly so you can look for it here. I also got to visit the newly opened Museum of Hisotry and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle and Chihuly Garden and Glass due to work events recently. I recommend both!

Looking totally natural on the set of  the 90s TV hit "Frasier" at MOHAI

At Chihuly Garden and Glass with my coworker Sarah

3. I gave up meat and alcohol for Lent, which began yesterday. I don't practice a religion that traditionally observes it, but I like a good challenge. A couple years ago I gave up meat for Greek Orthodox Lent in solidarity with a friend and I didn't miss it; I think giving up alcohol will definitely be harder. Lent lasts for forty days, ending on Easter Sunday. I wanted a glass of wine just typing that.

4. I'm headed down to Cannon Beach, OR with a friend this weekend to see the Pacific Ocean; that was actually the stated reason for going.  Just to see it. I mean, look at it.

 5. I have a Valentine and I am happy about it. A hint about what we're doing tonight:


  1. Your hair is different! Looks great! :) Miss you friend!

  2. Hi love! I've been wearing it au naturel lately. Miss you too. xo