Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vanity Sizing has gotten way out of hand!

Last night at the mall in an attempt for an Apple genius to diagnose my iPhone FAIL after the last update made it run like oxen up a hill, I wandered around for a bit while waiting for my appointment. Not looking for anything in particular, I was lured into the GAP for some reason. Maybe their new ads for the skinniest jeans ever or something like that. Not that I'm even a fan of skinny jeans at the mo, but I digress.

They were having an additional 40% off all sale stuff so I looked through the sparse racks to find a cute pair of white jean shorts, labeled size 2/26. I'm usually a 2 at the GAP so I suspected they would fit. To my dismay and almost disbelief in the fitting room, they were HUGE! Why GAP, why? I know my natural waist is larger than 26 inches and a size 2 should not be big on me. I am 5'4" and about 123lbs on a good day. I consider myself an average sized young woman. I should not fit into a size zero. I'm sure some women would love to be my size but I have friends much smaller than me and I have to wonder, if I need the zero, what sizes are they buying? Baby GAP? Realistically I should be a size 6. I'm sure if my Grandma was my size in say 1980, she would have been a 6. Not a zero. It's an evil marketing scheme and it's probably keeping some people fat. I mean you can parade around thinking you're a size zero as an average sized woman, what is that saying?

I was also at Ann Taylor Loft the other day in search of a dress to wear to a wedding. I found a suitable one in a size 2 Petite that was you guessed it, TOO BIG. I noticed they carried the size 00. What the heck is a double zero. Invisible?

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