Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What to wear in Paris? (and Germany)

Is the question plaguing me at the moment. With temps in the 30s coupled with rain and snow, I'm preparing for the worst, and to be FREEZING. Or rather trying to prepare to not be freezing. I hate being cold. HATE. Why am I going to Germany and Paris in December again? Ok I'll stop complaining. Yuppie problems, really. That said, I don't want to go into debt for naught on this trip by being cold and miserable the entire time. I also don't want to resemble a walking snowman. So, I ask, what is a girl supposed to wear in winter in Paris?

I took to the internets. The HiP Paris blog has been amazing with their recent winter wear post. Not sure I can totally get behind those fashions, but it's interesting to see what the Parisiennes are wearing. Fur, wool, and funny low-heeled boots.

This might be a little more me. Credit.


  1. Yes, this kind of practical coat is called a Doudoune as far as I can make out and they are everywhere here in Nice. The ones with the hood are the most useful so you don't need an umbrella. Have a really good time in Paris, Mai.

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