Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's in your bag?

These posts have been popular on the blogs and whatnot for years now but I've just had the idea to do one for myself. Always fascinating looking into people's personal stuff.

Without further adieu, here's what's in my bag today. I tossed a few gum wrappers out but otherwise this is what's livin' in there today.

Pic taken with iPhone (not pictured)

From L to R

Comb and hair ties.

United MileagePlus card. That thing came in the mail the other day. I need to book a flight (to Italy!) soon and wondered if I had enough miles to cover some of it. The answer was no.

Pack of Orbit spearmint gum.

Various monies. About $2 in quarters.

Purse. This is an old Dooney & Burke purse I bought for work. It's been retired from daily use for a long while now but I'll pull it out sometimes when I need to carry papers or folders around.

My car key on an I heart California lanyard. I've had it for foreverrrrr—the car and the lanyard.

The rest of my keys with a Haribo keychain I got from the Haribo factory store in Bonn, Germany.

That yellow thing is my wallet. I like it because it's thin.

Various nail polish. I went to Fred Meyer the other day and picked up some Essie polish in Chinchilly and Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones.

bareMinerals  Touch Up Veil in Tinted.

Hand sanitizer.

Nars blush in Luster, compact brush, and Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. That lip balm is the best.

Ticket stub from American Idiot.

Stack of tickets for SIFF.


Part of  The Glass Menagerie script.

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