Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY scarf tying how- to's

We all could use a little more scarf tying know-how, right?

First seen on Clothed Much by the beautiful Elaine, who credited the lovely tutorial by What Would A Nerd Wear, which I shall also credit.

Without further adieu:

The Belted Scarf

I'm not huge on belting scarves, but if I were, I would belt a lightweight square scarf like this, making sure the ends are fluffed out enough not to look meagre, and belting high on my natural waist. Credit.

The Warmest Way
Take Elaine's knot (third photo down) and tuck the knot under the loop, wrapping closely around your neck. I swear this is the warmest way to tie a scarf (even warmer than the Orchid Grey wrap because it leaves no part of your decolletage exposed to winter air), and it fits well under the collar of a coat. Figuring out this technique saved my neck from frostbite the year I moved to the midwest. Credit.

Elaine's version of The Warmest Way. Credit.

Full tutorial here but the two above are the ones I want to try the most!

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