Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Style

I've been jet-setting the past two weekends to my favorite city in the world, San Francisco!

I was visiting a very cute boy (who I've since learned does not care much about fashion, although I find him to be well dressed and would describe his style as simple and neat -as in tidy) so imagine my fretting about perfect outfits for each second of the trip while having to fit them all in a carry-on. Weekend one was ok as I just had to pack for two days and an outfit to wear straight to work from the plane, but the second trip was Fri night through Tuesday afternoon and I had to include outfits for day, night, Valentine's night dinner and one outfit for a surprise where I was told it just had to be something I wouldn't mind getting dirty. What the heck! I'd been scouring my favorite blogs the weeks prior and compiling my favorite looks. Then I tried to incorporate them with stuff I already owned and a few little shopping trips to Forever 21, H&M, Marshall's and Urban Outfitters. I'm not really a fashion blogging photo taking gal, so I don't have any great photos like the gals on the blogs I frequent, but I did find one suitable to post of an outfit that was inspired by this one.

I call it "risky business" as I'm clearly wearing no pants! That was our joke for the day. I think the boy actually labeled it risky business first. I felt really cute in this outfit and it was comfy! I'm really over pants.

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