Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

20 second December recap: I went to a few holiday parties in Seattle in December...then went home to Cali to spend Christmas with my family!

At my work holiday party

I found the dress I'm wearing just a few hours before the party at a cute boutique store in my neighborhood. It was perfect for the conservative venue, but still young and fun I think.

At a festive holiday party with some of my best girlfriends

On NYE at Toulouse

I was back in Seattle in time for a fun NYE party right down the street from my apartment at a spot called Toulouse Petit. I searched high and low for a NYE dress while I was home in Cali to no avail. I wound up buying this dress from Urban Outfitters at the last minute. Nothing spectacular but I liked the color.

Moving on, so I'm not big on resolutions per se, but I always like to set a few goals throughout the year.

1. My health: I don't necessarily think I'm unhealthy, but I've never taken vitamins regularly or exercised more than sporadically. I want to start running again, taking Vitamin C and a multivitamin, and ingesting probiotics diligently. Oh and how could I forget my one big food goal: eat a salad everyday!

I'm also always trying to get my skin, hair and nails in good condition — all three are a constant challenge. I'm turning the big 30 this year though and I feel like I should have a handle on these things by now!

2. Take an acting class and audition for something. I'm a huge theatre geek and loved acting in high school, but the older I got the less confident I got about my ability. Every time I see a show though I always think to myself, "That could be me!"

3. Continue to purge things from my home and life. Less stuff = more happiness. Have you seen Graham Hill's TED Talk on this? Watch it.

4. Visit my friends in Tokyo. (read: start saving like yesterday).

5. Be more introspective, starting with these.

Do you have any goals, hopes, dreams for 2012??

Happy New Year, lovelies.


  1. Happy New Year!

    Dustin and I just started taking Vit D. Dr. Oz raves about it :) You should look into it. Also, prenatal vitamins do wonders for your hair and is basically a women's multi with some extras. Can't hurt! :)

    Let's get together soon!

  2. Oh yes I should probably take Vit D too! Good tip about the prenatal vitamins. I just don't want to become the crazy vitamin lady ;)

    Happy New Year, darling!

  3. everybody looks so pretty :-)