Friday, January 20, 2012

What do you wear to bed?

I tend to run cold (my body temp) so I have a drawer full of sweats, yoga pants, flannel pants, ect. to pair with mismatched t-shirts that all rotate during the colder months in Seattle. In summer it's usually a tank and shorts. I don't like night gowns for sleeping in all night as they tend to ride up. I would like some more grown up pajamas though—like ones that match!

I remember my mom wearing matching sleep sets like the one above and night gowns growing up. She also always donned a silk robe. Do they even still make those?


  1. I dream about matching sets and dressing robes.

  2. You can still get silk robes at China town, at least the ones in S.F. but they are kimonos mostly so you have to get ready for some serious sleeve action.