Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Stuff

Friday concluded my first two weeks at a new job; so far so good! I like being back downtown and working in (arguably) one of Seattle's coolest buildingsthe Central Library!

Seattle Public Library

I went to a women's benefit auction with my college friend Alison, her mom, and sister earlier this month up in Bellingham, WA. On top of winning a fun package I bid on for my mom (for Mother's Day) in the silent auction, I was also the very lucky winner of the most coveted raffle prize item. I still can't believe I won as I only purchased one of the $10 tickets (I'd already spent a pretty penny in the silent auction), but the prize was as follows:

A gift certificate for a two-night stay at a Cannon Beach hotel (I've been in love with Cannon Beach, OR since attending a wedding there a few years ago)
Fendi sunglasses
A nice leather purse
Another gift certificate for a store in Bellingham

 Alison and me at the luncheon
With my winnings! (glasses and purse pictured)

I've also been volunteering with the arts organization CD Forum and helping with their upcoming gala on May 3. For the past five weeks I've been spending Monday nights after work at event committee meetings. I'm in charge of running registration and I must admit I'm stressed out about it since all I've heard is how bad registration has gone in year's prior. Pressure much? I am happy to help out a cause I'm passionate about but I must admit I will be rejoicing come next Saturday morning when it will all be over!

I almost forgot! I had a week off before starting the new gig so I took a little trip to Austin, TX for a few days. I stayed with a girlfriend I used to work with for the first night, then in this cute little cottage I found on Airbnb the next two nights. I don't think I got a single picture of just myself on the trip but that's ok. Highlights included a jaunt to Barton Springs Pool on a hot day, a concert at Stubb's, lunch at East Side King (a popular local spot and brainchild of Top Chef winner and Austinite Paul Qui), a visit to the State Capitol (there was a pro-life rally happening outside and I sat in on a few Senate hearings), and spending time with a couple of Austin girlfriends who used to live in Seattle.
Barton Springs Pool

I am looking forward to some downtime after the first weekend in May. I have some reading to catch up on and writing on my arts blog; the Seattle International Film Festival kicks off mid-May and I'll be covering that. I also want to memorize a few poems and take an art history class.

Happy spring.

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