Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Wears

Funny to think I started this (albeit, sporadically updated) little blog just over a year ago. How time flies. This time last year I was in SF two weekends in a row; including the Superbowl and Valentine's Day (visiting a guy I dated very briefly). I remember trying to figure out what to pack on those trips. I think I just wore a LDB last V-day and called it good. This year I didn't worry too much about my Superbowl wears (get it) but I guess my choice of kelly green top made me a default Packers fan. Whatevs, they won. Truth be told, I mainly spent the game eating way too much food and drinking way too much beer. I'm paying for it today.

This weekend the bf and I are headed to Victoria, B.C. to celebrate Christmas. Well technically it's my Christmas gift from him (awww). I've already started to think about outfits because this week is slammed and we are leaving bright and early Saturday morning. I figure I'll need three outfits total: one to wear over on the ferry and during the day, something cuter for going out that night, and another day-time outfit for Sunday since we will be there until 5p.m. Their weather is like ours, so rain and cooler temps are on the agenda.

Monday night we are going to Intiman's Valentine's Cabaret. I'm so freaking excited! It was my idea because I love love love Daniel Breaker, but the boy is responsible for dinner plans. I'm thinking I'll wear a red dress this year. According to Cosmo (I know), men like the color red on women. I never wear red but I suppose Valentine's Day is a fine time to start.

It's fun to look back over the past year and see the way things turned out. If you're reading this babe, I'm really happy I met you! Happy Valentine's Day.

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