Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In perpetual search of the perfect Trench Coat

This is an old pic of me and some girlfriends in their colorful trenches about to see SATC.
(Pretty sure I borrowed the one I'm wearing from another friend).

Ah the proverbial, style classic: a trench coat. Stylish, timeless, sophisticated; can instantly dress-up a casual ensemble. Alas, most trench coats don't look good on me. I've been searching for one for years and trying them on, only to wind up looking like Inspector Gadget or a 50-something professional. I've tried Banana, J. Crew, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Macy's - even bought and returned a few. Then several months ago I found one at the Goodwill that happened to work! Plus it was only $12. Banana Republic and very simple - I think it came from an outlet store. No shoulder epaulets (my shoulders are broad enough), the right length (not too long) and no wing flap on the upper back or whatever that thing is; just a simple, very basic trench. I used to work at BR so I looked at the tag and saw the label denotes it was from Spring '03. Darn. So basically no chance I'll ever come across a newer version of it. If I could get a new one exactly like it, that would be ideal. In the meantime, I'll keep looking. My Goodwill find is a bit worn out.

This Real Simple article tells you how to find the right one for your figure. Do you own the perfect trench coat?

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