Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Wardrobe

Is it spring yet? Oh wait, I temporarily forgot I lived here. Today I'm wearing a sweater, wool skirt, tights and riding boots.

However, when temps above 60 finally decide to grace Seattle with their presence, I'm thinking I need a go-to look for spring work wear. Afraid to say my work clothes have become some odd mix of biz cas with just cas. I don't feel professional or very put together most days and I'm definitely not clad for hopping over to that high-powered happy hour after work. I think I've become too Seattle. I'm also not sure if I'm really dressing age appropriately - a bit juvenile for the workplace perhaps.

So I've decided I want to make a conscious effort to step my game up. The look that's been on my mind lately is a dress paired with a cute blazer and heels. To make it not too stuffy (this is still Seattle) I'd pair a more fun or casual dress with the blazer and perhaps wedges or flats instead of the basic heel. Now I just need a windfall.

J. Crew has some good dress options right now.

All photos from J. Crew dot com.

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