Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 Things

Time to be grateful.

1. At this time in two weeks I'll be in Hawaii! I can barely contain my excitement.

2. I've seen a few great SIFF films.

3. 4th of July weekend will be spent visiting a good friend down in Hermosa Beach, CA.

4. Someone I'll call Ralph.

5. A fun weekend ahead with good friends, babies, brunches, art, sun and smiles.


  1. Whaaaaaaat? I do not think you told me that you are going to HI!!!!!!! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It was just planned! Spontaneous trip, I'll have to fill you in ;)

  3. Amazing shot of the sea with that periwinkle blue in the sky contrasting with the turquoise gradations of the water. Six things to be grateful for. Thanks.