Monday, June 13, 2011

Hawaii Wears

AE Shorts.

Three more sleeps and I'll be headed to the Aloha state. I went on a little shopping trip this weekend to prepare. On the need list: swimsuit and sandals. On the bought list: two pairs of sandals and a pair of denim Bermuda shorts from American Eagle - AE has some really cute and affordable leather sandals right now. I was surprised. I also got two summer dresses from Billabong and a cheap but cute pair of sunglasses from H&M. I had no luck on the swimsuit front but decided I can always look for one there - I would imagine Hawaii's got a swimsuit shop or 10! The summer gear will need to be pulled out again for the 4th of July when I visit one of my besties in Hermosa Beach. Can.not.wait.


  1. love it!! want pics from the trip when you get back!

  2. I love the sandals. Not too fancy, no gee gaws, just right!