Monday, June 6, 2011


The weekend seemed jam packed. I can't believe I did everything I set out to do, including a 10 mile run on Sunday. I will not lie though, I am crazy sore today and I feel about 90 yrs. old. Apparently taking an ice bath post-run would have helped alleviate some of the soreness, but I just read about that remedy today on the good ol' internets. I'm still going to try a version of it tonight while wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and socks in the tub.

Friday night was SAM Remix, the quarterly party at Seattle Art Museum. It's always fun to go with a group of friends or a date, and this time we did arts and crafts.

Saturday I had brunch with some friends and we got to meet our friend Anne's newest little one, Dylan Patrick. Too cute!

That afternoon I went on a date to Lincoln Park with Ralph. We sunbathed, ate pistachios and drank Talking Rain. The weather was perfect (finally). That evening I found myself at Barrio with Karen for a little dinner and drinks, then we went over to Chop Suey to see one of my favorite local bands perform: THEESatisfaction. I have a major girl crush on them.

Sunday was the 10 mile run day. I didn't set out at 7am like I'd planned, but by 11am I was off for a run in the 65 degree Seattle weather. I found I needed one full water bottle of water and a quick bathroom break around mile 6. I also learned your body does weird things you sometimes can't control! I didn't do much post-run except laze around on the couch. Eventually I ordered a pizza (as I do most Sunday nights) and watched a movie called Love and Other Drugs.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! I am very impressed by the 10 mile run, wow! Ummm, tmi but after you have babies your body does lots more stuff that you can't control :)