Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On happiness

Have I talked about the documentary Happy before?

Happy - A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.

If not, I should have! Have you seen it? If not—do.

I took some notes (below) on my phone while watching it a couple of months ago.
Intrinsic goals
Get really good at something and do it often
Close friends and family relationships
40% of happiness you choose
Acts of kindness
Happiness is a skill
The things we love to do are the building blocks of a happy life
Every Sunday night write 5 things you're grateful for
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 Then today the Happy facebook page had this post up:
My Top 3 Happiness Boosters are:
1. ____________(fill in the blank)
2. ____________(fill in the blank)
3. ____________(fill in the blank)

*Keep your list visible - sometimes in the busy-ness of the day, a little reminder can be helpful.
Mine are:
1. Quality time with family and friends
2. Seeing shows (plays, concerts, et al.)
3. Dance classes at the gym
 I've really been into reading about happiness lately, and it seems like everyone's into studying it. What makes you happy?
Some reads about happiness: 
Man's Search for Meaning (I read this book in my first year of college; I reread it every year).

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